Why does every child deserve a music education?

As a company that supports the work of music educators across the United Kingdom, we are always interested in how educational policies affect the status of Music in the school curriculum. Many are arguing that Music’s place as a GCSE and A level is under threat due to the imposition of English Baccalaureate and a new tiering of A level qualifications. So, in light of this, it was good to read an article about how important a well constructed music education is for every child. Richard Gill’s article argues that music should be part of every child’s education because,...

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TC Spitfire on his use of Sonar

Paul Oakenfold is one of the world’s biggest DJs who has also branched out to scoring film soundtracks in between playing all over the world and running his influential Perfecto record label. TC Spitfire (Oakenfold’s Producer) who is a passionate SONAR X1 Expanded user co-produced and mixed the track ‘Surrender’ using a combination of all the ProChannel modules. “This new era with the ProChannel and X1d [Expanded] is on a serious elevated level. The combination of the modules has me staying more and more inside SONAR natively,” TC told...

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Netsky – Come Alive!

Netsky is Belgian producer Boris Daenen, a 23-year old studio whiz and DJ signed to Hospital Records, the influential UK drum and bass label. Fusing killer hooks with crowd pleasing production, Netsky are playing to capacity crowds all over Europe. Check out footage from some recent gigs in Brussels – complete with crazy sounds, pummeling beats and tons of...

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How does Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology works?

What is SuperNATURAL technology? In brief, SuperNATURAL technology improves the way the instrument responds to your playing, making it feel far more natural and authentic. Digital instruments seek to faithfully model the sound of an acoustic instrument, and have been doing that pretty well for some years now. If you’ve played V-Drums before, you’ll know how good they sound. But digital instruments usually feel different to their acoustic counterparts, due to the way they respond to your playing. SuperNATURAL incorporates ‘Behaviour Modelling’ which takes the playing experience a step further than just offering a ‘detailed’ sound. By accurately modelling...

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Gary Numan’s synths

In this interview Gary talks to Roland about how he writes songs, what to expect from his next album and why the Musicians Union tried to ban...

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