NYMAZ’s┬áConnect:Resound project, within which UCan Play is working as the technical lead alongside the University of Hull as the research partner, has been featured in the Huffington Post. Sarah Derbyshire’s article on digital technology and music education discusses three innovative approaches to music education with technology. In relation to our project, she writes:

In North Yorkshire, there’s a new project just getting underway to test the effectiveness and wider potential of live streaming of instrumental lessons. In one of England’s most sparsely populated rural areas the Connect: Resound project run by NYMAZ, with funding from the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, will look not only at increasing access, but also widening choice – meaning children are not limited to receiving tuition on a particular instrument according to the specialism of a teacher working nearby. They’ll also be trialling new hardware that could increase the quality of the experience and improve the dialogue between teachers and students.

She goes on to write that:

Each of these initiatives seems to me to [use] technology to bring children a musical experience which they would otherwise miss out on. In the increasingly fragmented landscape of music education, let us keep simplicity and quality as our watchwords to ensure that the equality of opportunity which technology can offer is put to use effectively.

Absolutely right. In respect of this project, the Roland VR-3EX and associated technologies are being used to deliver instrumental music lessons to children in isolated areas. The hope is that this┬ásimple application of digital technology can bring some of the joy of learning an instrument to children in these remote locations at an affordable cost. We’ll keep posting updates about our work on this project throughout the year.