Expo17_logoWe are off to the Music and Drama Education Expo this week at Olympia! Will you be there? If so, do come and say hello to Jason (on Thursday) or Josh (on Friday) who will be located on the Roland/UCan Play stand in the centre of the exhibition (helpfully near the food and drinks!).

We have three main focuses to our work this year.

Firstly, we have worked hard with Roland to create four education packages that meet a range of common music education activities: group keyboard/piano work, looping, live streaming and DJing. Full details of each package can be found here and each can be customised to your specific requirements.

Secondly, we know that many schools are struggling financially at the moment due to a range of factors. We are determined to try and support all schools with the best musical equipment at the best price. To this end, we have created a partnership with Axis Leasing to provide a range of leasing options for schools to consider when purchasing musical equipment. The vast majority of schools do this for their IT equipment using ‘operating leases’ (the only type of lease permissible under Local Authority and wider Government legislation). We are the first company to provide a similar opportunity for the provision of music equipment within schools.

Full details about the operating lease opportunity can be found here. Please get in touch to discuss further details should this be something you’d like to consider. From experience already, we know that your finance officer will be very pleased to consider this option rather than a capital purchase.

Finally, watch this space over the next few weeks for our new guide on Funding Music Education in Your School. We have collected top tips and stories from our partner schools and will present these, along with our own thoughts, in this free guide.

Here’s one tip right now – your finance officer wants to get money spent before the end of the financial year (end of March for most schools). Get your requests in to them now, with quotes from ourselves of course, and you might just be lucky!