Children at a Restore the Music UK school in London enjoy playing their steel pans provided by UCan Play.

UCan Play is committed to supporting music education in every part of the United Kingdom. Independent schools are not able to take part in the Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme. Therefore, we have created a new form of partnership for our colleagues in this sector.

The UCan Play Independent School Partnership is a simple scheme that allows independent schools to financially benefit from the sale of musical instrument to their students. The scheme is simple to operate and UCan Play takes responsibility for all the paperwork, delivery and warranty arrangements.

We can supply your students with any musical instrument of their choice. On completion of the sale, we make a charitable donation to your school equivalent to 50% of the profits associated with the sale.

There are various benefits of the scheme:

  1. Students benefit from an instrument at a preferential price;
  2. Parents save time and can be confident that their child is receiving the right instrument for their stage of musical development;
  3. Your school receives a charitable donation for each instrument sold;
  4. UCan Play manages the paperwork associated with the sale of the instrument, the delivery and warranty.

As a not for profit company, UCan Play is committed to sharing its profits in a range of ways with other organisations, schools and charities. You can find out more about our work in this area here.

If you’d like to discuss how your independent school can benefit from a UCan Play Independent School Partnership, please contact Dr Jonathan Savage for further information.