UCan Play is a not-for-profit company. Our new scheme run in a collaboration with Restore the Music UK allows independent schools to buy musical instruments at lower prices, whilst sharing the profit to support music education across the UK.

The LIPS scheme is very simple. Independent schools, along with their staff and students, can all buy musical equipment at preferential prices below RRP at the UCan Play shop. The website displays a small selection of what is currently available, but any musical instrument from any brand can be sourced through LIPS. For detailed enquiries please call or email Jonathan (details below).

When you buy musical equipment or accessories through the LIPS program, UCan Play will donate 50% of the profit to Restore The Music UK – the UK’s leading charity for the support and funding of music education in state schools in London. This applies to any musical equipment, large or small.

For more information about LIPS and UCan Play, contact Dr Jonathan Savage by email (jonathan@ucanplay.org.uk) or phone (07825 522104).