We are pleased to announce that Dr Jonathan Savage, Managing Director of UCan Play, starts a new role today as the Regional Programme Director for Restore the Music UK.

We are proud to be associated with Restore the Music UK. We have worked with the charity over the past five years to help supply around £1.3m of musical instruments to schools across London.

In an exciting new partnership with Sony Music, Restore the Music UK is expanding its work to cover schools in Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne. We are looking for visionary and talented Heads of Music and Music Coordinators in these cities who are wanting to transform the provision of music in their schools. Charitable grants will be available from Restore the Music UK. Jonathan will be leading this work under the supervision of the charity’s CEO, Polly Moore.

For further information about this exciting new development, please contact Jonathan.

Further information about Restore the Music UK and its work can be downloaded here