The Classroom Workshopping package includes a rhythm section, ukuleles, tuned and untuned percussion. It is perfect for whole class music making especially if you are short on space.

The Classroom Workshopping Package contains the following equipment:

Item Number
Soprano Diatonic Xylophone  2
Soprano Diatonic Metallophone  2
Encore Bass Guitar  1
Encore Electric Guitar  1
Casio CTK3400 Keyboard  5
Roland TD1KV Drum Kit  1
Ukulele  5
Palma Acoustic Guitar  5
Double Agogo Bells  2
Cowbell  1
Clave  2
Large Metal Guiro/Shaker  1
Samba Whistle  1
Tambourin  1
Maracas  1
Egg Maracas  1
 Total  £2860.00 (inc VAT)

Please note that the precise items contained within this package can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further details.

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