Just Play is a new and innovative approach to music aimed to engage all teachers in making music with their classes whether they consider themselves to be musicians, music specialists, musical or not and enables children to develop musical skills, build confidence and support their overall personal development.

The Just Play Build a Band package contains the following equipment. It includes a few luxury items such as hooks to hang guitars, vocal microphones and ukuleles.

Please note that we can alter the number and size of acoustic guitar/ukuleles according to your preference.

Item Number
 Palma Acoustic Guitars (full size or 3/4 size)  8
 Ukuleles  8
 Roland TD1KV Drum Kit with drum throne  1
 Casio CTK3400 Keyboard  8
 Dynamic microphone with stand and lead  4
 Encore Bass Guitar  1
 Roland KC350 Amplifier  1
 Pair of Drum Sticks  36
 String Swing Guitar Hanger  16
 Jack to Jack Leads  4
 Guitar Picks  36
Total  £2820.00 (inc VAT)

Please note that the precise items contained within this package can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Please contact us for further details.

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