Like many schools, colleges and universities across the UK, here at UCan Play we are all wondering what impact the Coronavirus is going to have on the education of our children over the coming months. There are many difficult decisions that will need to be made. We don’t envy those making them but let’s hope they are following wise counsel from our experts in the various appropriate scientific fields.

For our part, we want to extend an offer an offer to all educators. Here at UCan Play we have a lot of experience and expertise in delivering educational content throughout online systems. This includes software environments such as Moodle, Word Press and other content management systems, and the delivery of live content such as music lessons and events using hardware such as video cameras, video mixers, microphones and other bits and pieces. We have expertise in setting up YouTube, Facebook, and other software environments for these types of events too.

We are here to help you free of charge in your considerations about moving any aspect of your teaching online. Please contact us with any requests and we will be happy to advice and consult as needed. We have a team of experts here and are happy to answer your questions and assist as required.

We are also happy to look at the provision of hardware to assist institutions in the production of online content. This will always be done in the most cost-effective manner too.

So, do feel free to contact us if there is anything you need support with as you think about the provision of education online. We are here to help.