We are always delighted to highlight and support research projects being undertaken by our friends and partnes. Today, we’d like to invite you to take part in a brief study that will create data for a research study on working memory in musicians and non-musicians. For the study, the researcher is interested in both non-musicians and musicians undertaking the study. 

So, non-musician from all walks of life are welcome and an interest in music or experiences of music education is not required to participate. 

Musicians of at least Grade 5 standard in music exam board (Rockschool, Trinity, ABRSM) as well as musicians who perform regularly e.g. at open mic gigs at a competent level or semi-professional without formal training are also invited to take part. 

Through the questionnaire, you will be asked to take part in three short memory tasks which are explained in full in the information sheet which you will be asked to read before deciding whether or not to continue to the study. 

If you consider yourself a musician but have less than grade 5 ability or experience, you are more than welcome to take part in the study for interest, though we won’t be able to use your data as we need two very distinct types of data. The anonymised data collected from your involvement will be used only by me for the purpose of the report.  

If you wish to proceed, please click on this link to access the information page.