Steinberg Cubase 10

14th November 2018 sees Steinbergs first major release of their music creation package, Cubase, in almost two years. Cubase 10 is an industry standard production tool for composition, recording, sequencing, audio editing, mixing and beat making.

This upgrade features a host of new enhancements, improving workflow and usability.



VariAudio3 (Pro) : Variaudio has been expanded with even more creative tools. Smart controls allow direct control of parameters at each segment, from extremes to smooth and natural pitch shifting, with micro pitch editing and formant features.


Channel Strip : This core component sees a complete overhaul, with new metering, visual feedback and detailed views for compression.


Mixconsole snapshots (Pro) : Mix snapshots can be stored and quickly recalled for comparison.
Written notes can be appended, and you may hone in and recall individual tracks or EQ.


Audio alignment (Pro) : The new alignment tool enables you to stack recordings, matching alignment to a reference track.
The timing is corrected automatically.

Groove Agent SE 5: Featuring the new acoustic drum kit “The Kit”, 20 new electronic kits, SE 5 has many enhancements in the resizable GUI, workflow, and many gigabytes of new sounds.


Various other refinements include (version dependent) :

  • Audio engine upgrade. Now supports recording, importing, exporting and converting 32-bit integer and 64-bit float resolution.
  • New asymmetrical distortion “Distroyer” processor for adding warmth, body and character.
  • Latency monitor : The MixConsole’s new latency monitor now displays the full sum of latency, as well as individual latencies per plug in.
  • Simplified side chain set up : activate side chaining on a plugin and choose the source from the track list to create routing.
  • The REVerence reverb sees a major overhaul, with streamlined impulse management, and 20 classic vintage reverb responses added.
  • MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is now officially support in Cubase 10.
  • AAF import and export.
  • Workflow improvements – drag and drop effect plug ins and VST instruments directly onto tracks.
  • Frame accurate video for editing to picture.
  • Redesigned plugins.
  • VR suite for producing virtual reality content includes an integrated array of plugins and functions, including an Ambisonics bus, Binauralizer, VR panning device and more.
  • 5 GB of fresh loop and sound content from acclaimed producers in various categories, including analogue techno created with modular synthesis, hip hop, soul, drum and bass, blockbuster for music film trailers, and also experimental sounds.
  • Contextual menu improvements, routing and track creation simplification, improved resampling quality, improved hitpoint detection


And more..


This major Cubase upgrade release is very keenly priced for educators, so do please do contact us for further information.
Existing customers please note a grace period started 15th October 2018, any Cubase activation on or after this date qualify for a free update.