The RC-202 is the latest innovation in looping and multi-effects from BOSS.

The RC-202 offers the distinctive look and fingertip interface style of its big brother the RC-505, plus a host of new features, in a compact form.

In this video Josh from UCanPlay presents an overview and practical demonstration of the RC-202. We feel the loopstation has great potential in a variety of performance contexts including sound design, live performance, and as a powerful educational tool delivering insights into recording and production.

The RC-202 offers two stereo loops with dedicated fingertip controls and animated status indicators. There are also have 64 phrase memories for storing and recalling live loop creations (in real time for seamless creative expression while performing) organised in eight different banks for easy access while performing. It offers more real-time processing than any other looper : four Input FX and four Track FX are available simultaneously with numerous effects types on tap for loop creation and playback. You can enhance the sound as you record with Input FX like P. Shift, Lo-Fi, Ring Mod, whilst applying Track FX such as DJ and sampler effects Beat, Filter, Slicer. The RC-202’s panel is filled with hands-on buttons and knobs for maximum creative control while looping. There’s also a jack for connecting up to two footswitches or a hands free expression pedal. MIDI allows for synchronisation with other devices, a RC-505 or a second RC-202, or drum machines etc. The RC-202 also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, making it easy integrate with music software for stage performing with a laptop, audio recording and more.

UCanPlay has current stock of the RC-202, please do contact us if you would like to explore it’s creative potential further.