sound_booth_largeOne of the things that teachers often ask us about is microphone choice. How do you know which microphone is best for which instrument or application? Our response normally encompasses two main elements. Firstly, there are some basic rules about microphone choice and microphone placement that we cover. But, secondly and more importantly, we try to emphasise that each microphone has its own set of unique characteristics. It is important to experiment and listen carefully to the results so that you get the sound that you want.

Of course, exactly the same two elements apply when teaching about sound recording. Here at UCan Play we are very proud to be able to offer you the Sounds Active software which covers all the knowledge that you and your students need to use microphones effectively in a studio environment. It does so in a fun way through a series of creative tasks.

We are also delighted to be able to offer our customers the full Rode range of microphones. Rode have made it very easy for you to listen to the various microphones that you could purchase, in advance, through their Sound Booth application. This allows you to listen to the full range of Rode microphones being used on various different tracks of digital audio (including drums, vocals, guitars, piano and bass). By selecting different microphones from the drop-down list, you can hear what they sound like when used on the different instruments. There is also a Sound Booth for their amazing range of broadcast microphones too.

Our tailored solutions for recording in a school environment contain a range of microphones to cover all eventualities, including solo work, small instrumental ensembles, bands and full choirs and orchestras. We have something for every budget, so please contact us for further advice about how to create the perfect recording solution for your school or college.