We were delighted to receive this video of a performance given by students at Belle Vue Girls’ School in Bradford. Head of Music, Tom Howell, has worked with students there using a range of Roland AIRA instruments including Roland’s MX1 mixer, System 1 synthesiser, TB3 bass sequencer, TR8 drum machine, and FP50 stage piano.

The students write:

The performance incorporates the power of words alongside music to commemorate both the victims and survivors of the holocaust. This performance is compiled of seven short pieces which all have an individual sentiment, meaning and representation of the Second World War.

We have included the works of classical musicians such Gorecki’s Symphony 3 (Sorrowful Songs) and Steve Reich’s Different Trains, also including the Holocaust survivor Iby Knill’s poem I Was There’. However, we have given these musical works a modern twist whereby modern music technology has been incorporated to allow the voices of unheard victims to reach students of the 21st Century.

Tom writes:

Many students may not have heard of the classical musicians nor heard their work but by incorporating modern music with their pieces, time no longer becomes a barrier between 21st Century students and 20th Century classical musicians. Voices of the victims and the events which took place during the Holocaust will be felt more vividly and the 85 years which have passed since the Holocaust began will no longer be felt.

Other short pieces in the installation included students  interpret ing the emotions that would have been felt by the victims of the Holocaust and when imagining events which occurred during the Holocaust.

The entire performance was made, edited, produced and will be performed by Year 13 students Aysha Latif, Rabia Mahmood and Munnazah Faizi.

We’d like to congratulate all involved on such a powerful and imaginative performance. The musical instruments and technologies have been used in a highly expressive and creative way through out. Well done and keep up the good work everyone!