Performing online builds on the platform that you will have created to rehearse online. In these units we’ll cover the issues of equipment, what to choose and how to set it up, as well as give examples of different ways in which musicians are working together with live-streaming technology. These include collaborative performances (working in real time with each other) as well as prepared, pre-recorded performance videos. We will also consider how you can monetise these performance activities.

Optimising your internet connection: Getting the best out of your internet connection for rehearsals online

Making the Best of your Internet Connection

Managing Latency

Setting up your Audio Interface: An introduction to setting up your audio interface

Audio interfaces

Microphone and DI Connections: Learning about setups and how to plug in microphones and other devices

DI and Line connections

An introduction to microphones

Microphone Technique

Performance platform options

Online rehearsal platforms for Mac

Online rehearsal platforms for Windows

Online rehearsal platforms for iOS / Android

Online rehearsal platform troubleshooting

Home setup suggestions: Tips for musicians who already own some music technology on how to utilise it effectively for online performance

How to adapt current tech to be utilised online

Gear advice: For musicians who do not currently own much audio technology

Audio interfaces

Choosing a basic microphone for online activities

Headphone choices

Promoting your work: Advice to develop your online audience engagement and fan base

Promoting Your Work Online

Income from live performance

Creating income through live performance

Band leading online performances

Camera and lighting techniques

Managing Screens during performances

Creating income through collaboration: Ways to collaborate and create income online

Income through remote collaboration

Approaches to asynchronous performance projects

Publishing, Copyright and Licensing