Within these units we will be exploring how to rehearse online, starting with the equipment you’ll need and how to set this up, before moving onto some specific environments and case studies that illustrate how other musicians are working in this area. Rehearsing online with others is possible, although it will feel a little different to rehearsing face-to-face.

Optimising your internet connection: Getting the best out of your internet connection for rehearsals online

Making the Best of your Internet Connection

Managing Latency

Setting up your Audio Interface: An introduction to setting up your audio interface

Audio interfaces – what they do and how to set them up

Microphone and DI Connections: Learning about setups and how to plug in microphones and other devices

DI and Line connections

An introduction to microphones

Microphone technique

Rehearsal platform options: An introduction on where to rehearse online

Online rehearsal platforms for Mac

Online rehearsal platforms for Windows

Online rehearsal platforms for iOS / Android

Online rehearsal platform troubleshooting

Home setup suggestions: Making the most of your current gear

How to adapt current tech to be utilised online

Gear Advice: Where to invest money to improve your home setup

Audio interfaces

Choosing a basic microphone for online activities

Headphone choices

Getting started with recording and storing your rehearsals: Developing an understanding of recording and organising your rehearsals

Recording rehearsals using collaboration platforms

File Sharing Solutions

Streaming your rehearsals on social media platforms

Developing Ensembles Online: Developing your approach to an ensemble’s direction, planning and performance online

Group focus and direction

The search for new repertoire

Maintaining creativity and enabling longevity for the group