Roland have introduced another piano to their GO series which has proven very popular with teachers and students alike. The GO:PIANO88 as it’s name suggests expands on the ranges potential with a full range of 88 keys, allowing more demanding and expressive music to be played, and helping develop correct left and right hand playing technique.

It’s light, compact and portable, running from the supplied mains adaptor or a set of batteries, and houses two inbuilt speakers. It also incorporates Bluetooth technology enabling streaming of audio from your smartphone or tablet among other functions.

Key features include :

  • 88 note, full size box-shape keys with velocity
  • Sounds derived from Roland’s best digital Pianos
  • Includes electric piano, organ and other sounds
  • Lightweight 7Kg
  • Compact, space saving and portable (128.3 x 29.1 x 8.7cm)
  • Integrated high quality speakers and headphone output
  • Mains or battery operation (6 x LR6 or R6)
  • Reverb
  • Metronome
  • 415.3 Hz–466.2 Hz master tuning in 0.1Hz increments
  • Transposes -6 to +5 (in semitones)
  • Supplied with AC adaptor, pedal switch and music rest
  • Optional keyboard stand: KS-18Z or KS-12 and pedal switch: DP-2

The onboard Bluetooth capable speakers, once connected to a smartphone or tablet encourage exploring of free online content including piano lessons, karaoke, tutorial videos, or playing along with your chosen streamed music tracks. The GO:PIANO88 would also serve well alongside the GO:MIXER PRO for creating video content, taking the audio from the GO:PIANO88 (combined with other sources if desired), and mixing with your video source for high quality results.

In our experience the GO:PIANO88 will be another success for Roland, we expect it to be a popular keyboard and we’ve only had good feedback for other keyboards in the range.

Please do contact us for further information or to place an order.