This pathway is about you and your presence online. It opens with a range of more reflective units about how we can communicate online effectively, before looking at practical tips and techniques for creating and curating content online. You may feel a little uncomfortable ‘marketing’ yourself in this way, but we feel that it is particularly important at this time when face-to-face contact is more limited.

Learning to Communicate Online: Clive McGoun discusses how to communicate effectively online

Loving What We Do

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Do It With Others

Developing Shared Understandings Online

When Online is Not Enough?

What does the future hold for musicians and their work online?

Creating a home/project studio space: Learn about how to get the most out of your space and gear for creating at home



Studio Monitors

DAW basics: An introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and some core principles

What is a DAW?

Setting up a DAW

Microphone choices and techniques

Editing your audio and MIDI files

Exporting your stems for mixdown

Preparing your recording: Mixing, metering and exporting your content

Mixing your audio

Metering, export and file formats

Online collaboration: Different options for remote working and collaboration

Remote working and online collaboration

Online audio production tools

Invoicing, product delivery and payment management: Develop your online freelance opportunities, protect your digital property, and ensure you get paid

File sharing protection and pay walls

Using file transfer and cloud storage services

Intellecual Property (IP) and copyright law

Royalties and how to collect them

Social Media and Marketing: Understanding how to utilise social media to advertise and market your music

Promotion and engagement

Setting up social media for professional use

Graphic design and branding

Photography basics

Uploading, embedding and sharing

Making money online: Develop your online presence and start making money online

Collaboration and freelance services

Crowd funding and Patreon

Managing your data: How to best store and manage your data

Back-ups and cloud storage

Recording a rehearsal, performance, or session: An introduction to delivering an online gig

Microphone choices and techniques

Live streaming on a budget

Advanced approaches to live streaming

Filming and camera work basics: How to get started planning, capturing, and creating video/film content

Cameras, lenses and lighting

Video formats, aspect ratios and frame rate

Screen recordings

Editing video and media: Create, edit, and produce video materials

Video software options and their capabilities

Editing video