It’s safe to say that video editing is a skill and an art form in itself, being equally as important as the framing and capturing of your footing. Be careful not to overlook this aspect, as it can really make the difference in whether your project is a roaring success, or an absolute disaster.

The first step is to pick the right editing software for your needs. This may depend on your requirements, past experience and available budget. Thankfully there are more than enough titles across the board to suit everyone, so it’s just a case of doing your research and picking what’s best for you. Here’s a list of 17 of the best in 2020:

Learning how to use your editing software can be a little overwhelming when you’re starting out and although there are many similarities between programs, there are also a lot of different workflows and varieties in the way they perform functions. Thankfully, detailed instructional videos and tutorials are in vast supply on the web.

When it comes to your workflow, be organised with your files and make sure you know where all the elements you require are located on your hard drives and memory cards. Lay out all the footage you’d like to use in your timeline and slowly cut it down and refine the shots, until you have the desired outcome. Transitions and fades can be really useful and add continuity and style to your productions, but as with special effects, try not to overuse, or rely on these visually impressive additions. Colour correcting and enhancing your imagery, along with paying attention to how your sound and music interact are also not to be forgotten about. Here’s a great instructional video, covering the basics and how best to approach your video ventures:

Another very useful resource it’s well worth taking your time to learn when starting out in editing is ‘Key Frames’. To put it simply, a key frame, is basically an event on your timeline where you can make ‘something’ happen. As that ‘something’ could be almost ‘anything’ – from animation to changing specific elements, it can really open up endless possibilities.. Here’s a short video explaining further about the subject: