Looping products such as the RC505 and RC300 have become a very popular technology within UCan Play’s partnership of schools and colleges. But beyond their obvious performance application, loop stations play a valuable role in helping students create, explore, combine and general work with music ideas prior to building them into a new composition. The looper becomes a site where performance and composition can merge into a composite form of musical production.

As Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets reveals, it was his decision to pick up a RC-300 Loop Station that inspired Telomere: the standout opening track from this year’s acclaimed sixth album Curve Of The Earth. “I feel like this is a really great writing tool for me and lots of people that I’ve spoken to use them as well.”

UCan Play can provide it’s partners with a preferential price on all the Roland looping technologies. Contact us for your preferential price.

Also, watch out for the new RC202 which is going to be the stand out product of Roland’s looping products for education during the back end of 2016 and throughout 2017. We are expecting stock in July. Get your orders in quick!