The start of 2018 is an exciting time for music technology. With the NAMM show in the US at the end of January, we can expect announcements of new products from the leading brands. Roland & Boss are no exception. Two products have caught our eye (and ears) so far, the wireless Katana AIR guitar amplifier and the topic of this post – the new Roland R-07 audio recorder.

Those of you with long memories will remember products like the Edirol R09, which proved very popular in classrooms across the UK. Following on from that Roland produced the R-05 which was discontinued in mid 2017.

The new Roland R-07 is packed full of interesting features. It can facilitate recording at high quality (24 bit, 96kHz, has full Bluetooth capabilities for connectivity with a range of devices, will be simple and intuitive to operate, has a built in tuner and metronome, runs off 2 x AA batteries (or USB power), is capable of  ‘dual recording’ and ‘hybrid limiting’ (basically, you can record a high quality and a lower quality recording simultaneously and, if the levels are not quite right, can automatically interchange between the two to avoid overloading and clipping), and much more besides. Full details can be found here.

For teachers, portable recorders such as the R-07 can play a vital role in helping record student work quickly and easily, creating assessment portfolios of work in progress, can become a key piece of technology to help students evaluate their work and make improvements, and, of course, can help prepare submissions for GCSE and A level examinations. We also think that the addition of a tuner and metronome within the R-07 will prove very popular for teachers and students alike. The quick and easy recording capabilities will also help students capture instrumental samples or other sounds in high quality (up to 24 bit, 96kHz) for use in their composition work.

We can’t wait to have a play and we are expecting stock from Roland in the spring. Please consider placing orders quickly as we know this product is going to be in high demand. We expect the RRP to be around £199 but, as always, we will be selling to our education customers at a preferential price that we have agreed with Roland UK.

Here’s Roland’s product video which explains some of the key features in more detail: