We love the simplicity of PreSonus’ new iSeries AudioBox i1 and i2. This video demonstrates that beautifully. The several years, teachers have complained about the difficulty of accessing digital audio recordings on an iPad. With the new AudioBox i1 and i2 you can do that with one tap! The section of the video where this is demonstrated is around six minutes in. Just make sure that the iPad and computer are connected to the same network and off you go! Genius.

For all teachers reading this, don’t forget that PreSonus’ StudioOne is a free and fully functioning, no time limited DAW that contains everything you need for sequencing and digital audio production. You’ll get a free copy of the ‘Artist’ version of the software with any AudioBox that you purchase.

All new AudioBox products and other PreSonus equipment is available from us here at UCan Play. Just contact us for further details and a free, no obligation educational quote.