We were delighted to take a trip to London yesterday to visit our friends at Restore the Music UK. They were hosting their 2019 Battle of the Bands event at the Central Foundation Boy’s School in Hackney. 

Each school participating had been asked to compose an original song or piece of instrumental music to perform. The range of musical styles presented was fantastic! Congratulations to every school that took part. 

We are really proud of our partnership with Restore the Music UK. In addition to managing the procurement process for the acquisition of new musical instruments following the successful award of their grants, we work closely with the music teachers to help them plan constructively and make the most of this amazing opportunity. Restore the Music UK does an absolutely amazing job in highlighting the importance of a quality music education for every student in a London school and then raising funds to support these schools through the provision of quality musical instruments. 

Yesterday, we were also delighted to meet colleagues from the Save the Music Foundation based in New York. We are looking forward to working with them more closely on a range of initiatives to support music education both here in the UK and across the USA. Watch this space!