Roland’s Go Mixer Pro builds on the success of their Go Mixer, bringing a number of new features for anyone wanting to record high quality audio using their smartphone or tablet.

The Go Mixer Pro offers multiple inputs for various instruments and other devices. For the first time, this includes phantom power for one microphone. This is powered by four AAA batteries. Phantom power can  be switched on or off as required.

Another new feature compared with the older Go Mixer is the loop back function. This controls whether the smartphone’s backing track is recorded alongside your own instrument or voice. If you are wanting to capture a solo part for use in a larger recording project this will be particularly useful.

Do remember that the the Go Mixer Pro is designed specifically for use with smartphones or tablets. It is not a substitute for a dedicated digial audio interface within a computer-based system

The Go Mixer Pro is bigger than the original Go Mixer, but the advantages and the innovations made within this piece of technology improve it significantly for those wanting a simple solution for capturing digital audio on the go!