We enjoyed an excellent day at Musical Futures’ Music Learning Revolution event yesterday at the Royal Northern College of Music. We chose to work with longest partner Roland UK and exhibited their new DJ-808, a composite piece of technology that includes 4 virtual decks, a drum machine and vocal processor. Delegates enjoyed trying out their DJ skills under the expert supervision of Josh Savage (UCan Play), Richard Patt (Roland), Dan Taman (Roland) and Mac Tongia (Serato).

Helpfully, our stand was set up right opposite the coffee and food, thereby ensuring a steady stream of customers once the event got going. Before …


and after! From this aerial shot, see if you can find an assessment guru chatting with an honoured member of the music education elite. The UCan Play MD is showing off his bald head!


The event itself had a super atmosphere and the social media coverage was, as always, extensive. As the retail partner for Musical Futures, UCan Play is delighted to support their programmes through a range of affordable musical instruments designed within specific packages tailored for their approach. For each package sold, a percentage of the sales are fed back to support the work of Musical Futures. Further details of the packages and their prices can be found here.