UCan Play is the retail partner for the innovative music education organisation Musical Futures. Our partnership will help support the work of Musical Futures and ensure that teachers receive high quality and impartial advice about the musical equipment they use within their programmes.

UCan Play and Musical Futures have many things in common. Firstly, both organisations were formed around the same time (2005) and are both not for profit companies limited by guarantee, with charitable aims at their core. This means that we have no shareholders and no dividend payments are made to directors. UCan Play’s profits are fed back into the company to support our wider work (e.g. in the provision of a community rehearsal and recording studio that young people can use free of charge) or the work of talented young musicians such as the Love Music Trust’s percussion ensemble and Lions Youth Brass Band. In keeping our overheads low (e.g. no salaries are paid to directors and we have no physical shop), we are able to provide highly preferential prices to all our educational customers.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, both organisations are committed to teachers and to helping them develop a truly musical approach to their teaching. Over the years, Musical Futures has challenged the status quo and shown us the way towards a more engaging, music-focused pedagogy within our schools. Its commitment to excellence and innovative is inspiring. Like UCan Play, it has a clear vision for a new model of music education. However, Musical Futures and UCan Play are not dogmatic in how this should be implemented. We welcome discussions, embrace differences and seek to build partnerships with teachers to help find collaborative ways forward.

For UCan Play, this partnership is less about the retail opportunities and more about the collaborations that it will facilitate. We are known for this collaborative approach, whether it be with schools within the Roland Champion School network, music education hubs, leading children’s cancer charities such as CLIC Sargent, further education colleges or universities. We look forward to working closely with Musical Futures over the next few years as they consolidate themselves as the lead organisation for CPD in music education in the UK.

UCan Play and Musical Futures will ensure that teachers and schools using Musical Futures have access to products and packages at competitive rates. Here are the range of packages that directly support Musical Futures’ approaches in the classroom:

  • Secondary Classroom: This package contains all the equipment you need for one silent work station. If you have limited space in your department, setting up a series of these can negate the need for breakout rooms.
  • Just Play: Everything you need to get started with whole class music making, building foundational instrumental and musical skills is contained within this package.
  • Just Play Build a Band: This package includes a few luxury items such as hooks to hang guitars, vocal microphones and ukuleles.
  • Groove Your Classroom: All about percussion! Get the class grooving and shaking and build essential skills of rhythm, pulse and ensemble.
  • Classroom Workshopping: This package includes a rhythm section, ukuleles, tuned and untuned percussion, perfect for some whole class music making especially if you are short on space.
  • Practice Room: Kit out your breakout spaces with the Practice Room package. These instruments will help your bands work in small groups and small spaces!

Packages can be tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us to start a conversation about how they can support your Musical Futures’ activities!