audiobox_iseriesPreSonus have announced the release of their new AudioBox iSeries. These arrive in the UK in early September. As with all PreSonus products, they have thought very carefully about how these products will be used and the hardware/software integration is astonishingly good. They can also be linked to an iPad (complete with a brilliant two track version of their Capture software) with excellent integration with StudioOne Artist (supplied as part of the package). You can send your recorded tracks from your iPad to your computer wirelessly.

Further information is available here.

We are really impressed with PreSonus’ technology but also their care and attention to detail. For those of us working in education, these pieces of hardware and software really will make our lives easier in the classroom. Please get in touch with us about how we can work collaboratively with you on creating a new solution for recording, editing and producing music in your classroom.