Roland’s new range of FP-30X, FP-60X and FP-90X digital pianos

UCan Play is delighted to have received its first stock of the new models from Roland’s FP range of digital pianos. For those of you unfamiliar with the FP range, these are essential stage pianos with speakers. Roland manufacture some very good quality bags if they need to be transported. If needed, wrap-around wooden stands and three pedal boards can be added to turn them into a piano suitable for a practice room, classroom or home.

There are four pianos in the FP range. The entry level FP-10 is unchanged in the new line up. It features Roland’s classic minimalist design and has the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine and 15 different piano voices. The other three pianos (the FP-30X, FP-60X and FP-90X) have all been upgraded.

The FP-30X and FP-60X feature the excellent PHA-4 keyboard. The flagship FP-90X has the PHA-50 action with wooden keys. All three pianos now benefit from Bluetooth connections for USB for MIDI and Bluetooth audio too. This means they can all be connected to piano and other musical apps and can also be streamed through Bluetooth enabled speakers if required.

The FP-90X also has PureAcoustic Piano Modeling and a four speaker system for superior sound projection.

For our education customers, like the older and now discontinued FP-30, we consider the FP-30X piano to be the perfect balance of functionality and sound for pianos to be located in practice rooms or smaller classrooms. For those teachers looking for a larger classroom piano, we’d recommend the larger FP-60X or FP-90X. You could also consider Roland’s F-701 model if you wanted a more substantial piece of ‘furniture’ for the classroom environment. For assembly halls, unless you have access to a PA system, we’d recommend looking at one of Roland’s larger pianos, perhaps from the LX range.

Whatever piano you are considering purchasing, please get in touch with us and have a conversation. We’d be happy to advise you further and we’ll always offer you preferential pricing on any new piano purchase.