If you are after a free recording app for your iPad, look no further than PreSonus’ free Capture Duo for iPad. This free app allows you to record up to two tracks of digital audio and carry out basic editing within a simple, stripped down interface. However, for ‘simplicity’ don’t read ‘low quality’. This recording app is rich on quality in all areas and provides a superb array of functions that you won’t find on other apps.

Firstly, there is PreSonus’ legendary software/hardware integration. If the quality of the iPad mic is too low, you can simply attach one of PreSonus’ new iSeries AudioBox products (the iOne or iTwo) and suddenly your Capture Duo software allows you to record with higher quality microphones that you might have available (via an XLR or jack input). You can also record musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, pianos) via the direct line input.

Getting ‘stuff’ out of the iPad has always been fiddly and difficult. Not with the Capture Duo app! Once your recording is complete, you can transfer your recording to your PC via a couple of taps. All you need is another piece of free PreSonus software on your PC: Studio One Free. Within StudioOne Free, you can do further editing and export your audio file if needed. This video demonstrates the process as well as some other key functions of the Capture app when linked to the iSeries AudioBox:

If two tracks is not enough, the Capture for iPad allows you to expand your recording to 32 audio tracks. It is available from the App Store for £6.99.

If you work as an educator, or you are a student, contact us for an educational discount on any PreSonus hardware products.